Simple Living 101

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During these 10 days and 10 nights, we accept only 10 friends, just the right number of a community to live harmoniously.

A village of 10 townsfolk would share living and experiences. Not only good, but also uneasy. You know mother earth tells us all the time; it would not always be a good and pleasant time. (~Good times, bad times gimme some of that~).

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580.00 $

Include :
10 days Activities
3 Vegetarian meals a day (Vegan food is available on request)
Souvenir T Shirt

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June 2023, July 2023, August 2023, September 2023, October 2023, November 2023, December 2023, January 2024, February 2024, March 2024, April 2024, May 2024


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