Permaculture Nan, Thailand


Here at Daidib Daidee farm, there is always some activities to do to keep us busy and entertained everyday all day. Trust me, you won’t be bored!

There is actually plenty to do: planting and watering vegetables, trekking, picking the freshest, organic vegetables from the garden for our meals, cooking some food, collecting firewood, bathing the buffaloes, making fertiliser, cutting bamboo, baking herbs, riding bicycles to admire the view, afternoon siesta, playing music, swimming in the river, socialising around the fire, visiting the local market, exploring the village, observing the locals weaving, or on some days going to the forest to gather and forage for fruit, there is so much for you to experience!

Simple Living 101


On a long journey away from home, Daidib Daidee would be your perfect ‘second home’ as we introduce you to a new simple way of living. Here, we’re surrounded by a peaceful nature from elegant mountains, gentle rice fields, a lively streamlet, and the endless charming sky with no view blocking from any skyscrapers. Because she has been our home since we’ve remembered, we know well how to ease the way we live according to our mother nature.

We mindfully designed a 10-day course to include everything you’d ever wanted to know how to live simply - harmoniously - respectfully with our great nature. Mother nature will be our full-time teacher for these 10 days. She would have some assignments and fun activities to keep us delighted all day long. Above all, what we learned from her would make you see your ‘self’ and where is your equilibrium that you could balance ‘self’ - ‘relationship’ - ‘environment’.

Detail of Course

During these 10 days and 10 nights, we accept only 10 friends, just the right number of a community to live harmoniously.

A village of 10 townsfolk would share living and experiences. Not only good, but also uneasy. You know mother earth tells us all the time; it would not always be a good and pleasant time. (~Good times, bad times gimme some of that~).


1Introduction our NaturallyIntroduce our farm, root of our culture and local material.
2Eat NaturallyMaking bowl, cup, spoon from coconut shells and bamboo.
3Farm NaturallyDo the traditional farming by using nature’s leftovers such as straw, dry leaves, dung, kitchen waste to make compost and manure. Also learn ploughing and loosening the plot without using a machine.
4Wash NaturallyLearn to make bar soap from natural herb oil as well as a 100% organic kaffir shampoo.
5Share NaturallyField trip to local village or school depending on season and suitability to exchange organic experiences with the locals.
6Cook NaturallyLearn to cook northern Thai vegetarian food from scraps from starting a fire. You will also get to know some natural ingredients that can substitute some flavorings.
7Into the Wild and Eco TrekkedTrekking and relaxing in the local forest where you will learn which nature pieces are edible, drinkable, usable, or healable.
8Wear NaturallyMake a natural dyeing clothes from leaves, flowers, and other natural color pigment. As well as do the ​​Shibori, Japanese dyeing technique to make some patterns on the textile.
9Heal NaturallyLearn about the use of local Thai herbs and make a herbal compress since choosing herbs ingredients, mincing, drying, as well as containing to preserve.
10Celebrate NaturallyArrange a Bonfire party to do the culture celebration; celebrate the experiences we’ve shared. We will apply the lessons that learned here and from friends to design our farewell event from venue decoration to dishes together. There will also be a memorable presents giving ceremony from staffs as well as the local show and blessing ceremony.

Everyday Routine

06.00Basic yoga and meditation (optional)
10.00Morning Session | Sitting and sharing
13.00‘Me’ time | Napping for free of charge or Thai Massage with extra charge
15.00Afternoon Session | Doing, Making, Crafting, Practicing
19.00‘Me’ time
20.00‘We’ time (optional) **
* This is a guideline schedule; the time is flexible depending on context.
** ‘We’ time are night activities for the first few nights to ice-break and friend us together, such as sharing circle, local ice breaking game, tea ceremony etc.


The accommodation options on our farm are all designed towards traditional, permaculture lifestyle. There are four open cabins/huts. Each hut sleeps two people and is made of wood with a thatched roof made from bamboo. There is also a dormitory which sleeps eight people. We will provide blankets, pillows, bed sheets, a traditional, minimalist mattress for sleeping. Mosquito netting will also be provided.

There are two shared, communal, cold water showers and toilets that are a short walking distance from the lodgings. A central building for eating and socialising also has solar powered electricity for charging your phone/devices.

Note: There is no wifi available on site, but you are more than welcome to bring your on cellphones with data and power-banks.

Three nutritious and delicious, organic, vegetarian meals will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, if anyone would like to cook a vegetarian meal from their own country to share, you are encouraged to do so! If you are interested in doing so, please contact me in advance to discuss details.

What to bring on your visit to our farm

    • Pen and notebook to take notes for learning (optional)
    • Water bottle
    • Torch (flashlight) or head-mounted flashlight, plus extra batteries
    • Environmentally friendly soap, shampoo and other personal toiletries
    • Sun hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Mosquito spray
    • Towel for shower
    • Toilet paper
    • Personal medication
    • Passport
    • Sandals and shoes for trekking and other various activities

Other useful informations you might want to know

  • The course will be arranged from 1th – 10th of every month.
  • Please arrive no later than 9AM on the Day 1.
  • For those who want to arrive before or stay after, the accommodation with 3 meals costs USD 25 / day.
  • We are solely offgrid, so we only have electricity from solar cells by the daylight and battery, usually until 10PM.
  • There is a 5G internet signal here but no wifi available
  • Shared bathrooms are provided with no hot shower; believe me all you need in Thailand is a cold shower.
  • We wash our own dishes and clothes here.
  • For your pleasant sleep, we provide blankets, pillows, bed sheets, and mattress as well as mosquito net.
  • There are two types of bedrooms : private cabins for two persons and a dormitory for eight.
  • We are a chosen family for at least 10 days, so we all are responsible to keep the shared area like kitchen, living space, bathrooms and toilets clean and tidy.  
  • Three nutritious, delicious, organic, vegetarian meals a day will be arranged. However, if you would like to assist cooking, you are encouraged to do so for breakfasts.

Because we are an organic, permaculture farm, if you bring any single use plastic products, please ensure you take them back when you leave.