Getting to us

Nan Province is located in Northern Thailand, approximately 700 km away from the capital, Bangkok. Pua is one of the districts in Nan province, about 70 km north of Nan city.

Farm address: 173/3 Sila Laeng, Pua District, Nan 55120 Thailand.

Village (not farm) location in Google Maps

We can pick you up from Pua :

  1. We can pick you up in Pua, at the bus station or Seven-Eleven Store.
  2. Let us know that you have arrived.
    Phone: +66 87 178 5069 or +66 83 997 9196
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes for us to come to pick you up and take you to the farm. Sometimes we will need 1 hour if we are busy on the farm.
  • From Nan

    If you are in Nan town you can take the red bus at the Nan bus station. From Nan to Pua it takes about 1 to 2 hours travel time, 70km. These red buses travel every hour during daylight starting from 6 am to 6 pm. If you land in Nan Airport, you can walk (1km) from the airport to the main road and wait for the red bus at the opposite side of the road (towards the North), this means you do not have to go into Nan town (southern direction). For some flight which might land in Nan airport quite late, you have to be fast to catch the last red bus (6 pm), otherwise, you might have to stay overnight in Nan town, and take the red bus on the next day. Please tell your transport driver to drop you off at Seven-Eleven shop in Pua.

    *When you exit the Nan Airport building, that is not the main road yet. Please walk towards the right of the building, and it takes about 5-10 minutes by walking distance to arrive at the main road, do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure about which direction to take.

  • From Chiang Mai

    Transport takes about 5 to 8 hours, 370km. If you take the “Green Bus” from Arkhid bus station to Pua, it will take about 6-7 hours. It is important to buy the “Green Bus” ticket one or two days in advance because it is always sold out. You can see more information about Green Bus tickets at the station. Please tell your transport driver to drop you off at Pua bus station.

  • From Chiang Rai

    It takes about 4 to 5 hours to get here. For public transport, please arrive at the main bus station (bus terminal 1) in Chiang Rai before 8.30 am to buy the ticket on the spot (usually you cannot book this ticket in advance), the bus will leave Chiang Rai at 9.30 am. You do not buy the ticket at the counter window (it is not Green Bus but another company with a white minivan). Instead, there is someone sitting in front of the area around platform 1 or 2. They will write down your name to reserve your spot but you might not pay until a little later after someone else arrives. Please note, there is only one trip per day so be sure to get there early as there are only ~20 seats in the minivan. From Chiang Rai bus station, you can take the bus which heads to Nan, BUT you can get dropped off in Tha Wang Pha (a town which is 40 minute from Nan town), avoiding going into the center of Nan town. Bus ticket fare was 170 baht as of Feb 2020. In Tha Wang Pha, you can take the red bus (one trip every hour) north up to Pua. Please tell your transport driver to drop you off at Seven-Eleven shop in Pua. Alternatively, the bus may also drop you off at a wooden bus shelter in front of “Tha Wang Pha Police Station” and you can hail down a passing blue songthaew and ask them to take you to Seven-Eleven in Pua (20 baht, as of Feb 2020). Usually, our volunteers get to us this way before 6 pm.

  • From Bangkok

    Traveling by bus from Bangkok take about 10 to 12 hours from Mochit bus station, 720km. In Mochit bus station, there are 3 bus companies that you can choose from: 999 transport company, Sombatt tour company and Chertchai tour company. Sombatt tour and 999 transport company will stop in Pua bus station, we can pick you up there.

    There are also domestic flights from “NOK AIR” and “AIR ASIA” available from Bangkok to Nan.

  • Other important details

    • Please kindly inform us about your arrival time and date one or two days before your arrival.
    • Domestic flights are available from Bangkok to Nan.
    • Traveling time is depending on the transport and traffic situation.
    • For your convenience, if you take the red bus, you can wait for us at Hang Out coffee shop which is next to Seven-Eleven. Also, please let us know that you have arrived or set a meeting time.
    • In the case that we are too busy on the farm and it is not convenient to pick you up from the town, you can hire a motorcycle taxi. This will cost you for 60 Bath per trip.